Opening a bank account



 Both physical and legal persons can open a bank account in Poland. Banking services are highly developed in Poland, the simplicity of operations and the number of services is among the best in the world. The security of funds deposited in bank is guaranteed by the Bank Guarantee Fund. The limit for one investor is the equivalent of €100,000 (as for year 2016). Our specialisation is to open bank accounts for foreign companies in Poland. We will analyse all documents and help you to choose the best solution.

Documentation needed to open a Bank account in Poland:

  • passport; 
  • company documents (in case of LLC or LP); 
  • translations of all documents in Polish language. 

We offer following services is opening a Bank account in the Polish Bank:

  • Selection of optimal bank and conditions of service for the Customer; 
  • Preparation of documents needed  to open a bank account; 
  • Support during visiting the selected Bank branch; 
  • Information support and advice; 
  • Help during all stages of opening and activating your Bank account in Poland. 

Opening an account in Polish Bank not only gives you the opportunity to generate income in foreign currency, but also provides access to deposits and other banking products.


You will receive a full guarantee of safety of your funds

because it is regulated in Poland by law.


We offer opening an accounts in the TOP 5 Polish banks.